Self-Care Training

Self-care is about taking steps to be healthy and comfortable. It’s about setting boundaries and valuing yourself and what you need, despite whether it may let other people down. Self-care isn’t a luxury but an essential skill for health, well-being, and productivity.

Sage Action Consulting offers self-care training that teaches simple, accessible, stress management skills in a fun learning environment.

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Participants at "What's your MPG?"

What’s Your MPG (Mindfulness, Play & Gratitude)?

What’s Your MPG? explores how Mindfulness, Play, & Gratitude are skills for self-care that can be intentionally practiced. Research demonstrates the importance of these skills for holistic well-being and productivity. What’s Your MPG? includes opportunities to practice these skills and takeaway tips and resources. It’s especially beneficial for those in the helping professions or caregiving roles to buffer secondary trauma and burnout.

Taking Care of Your Team: Self-Care for Sanity & Success

Taking Care of Your Team helps explore your team’s strengths and challenges and discover ways to incorporate self-care for individual and collective well-being. A team is only as strong and healthy as its members. Taking Care of Your Team teaches teams ways to courageously prioritize taking care of themselves to get more joy from their work.

Play is Vital

Play is Vital is an interactive workshop to help participants discover the value of play as a skill for self-care and building resilience. It offers participants a chance to engage with others to learn why play is important for adults and explore their play personalities. It includes tips for incorporating play into daily life and questions for further reflection.

“This was a great way to start my day! Very positive experience! Allowed me to reflect on myself and what “self-care” I can improve on.”

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