Mindfulness Classes

There’s a strong connection between mindfulness and physical and emotional health.  As a yoga practitioner for 20+ years, Denina is passionate about teaching others what she’s learned about mindfulness and making it accessible to everyone.

Accessible Yoga 

“Yoga creates space in our body, our breath, and our mind to allow for truth to emerge.” (Jivana Heyman, Accessible Yoga School) It’s not about improving yourself or achieving a physical pose but about accepting yourself as you are right now. Denina is a yoga and meditation instructor (RYT-200) and certified Accessible Yoga Teacher who creates space for exploration, acceptance, and healing.  She believes yoga teachings and practices can help everyone and should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age, ability, body size, fitness level, or gender identity/expression. Denina explores yoga philosophy, meditation, and breathwork in addition to the physical side of yoga in her teaching.

Cost for private instruction (at Denina’s location or virtually via Zoom):

  • $30/45-minute class
  • $45/60-minute class
  • Buy 5 classes, get 1 free!

Cost for instruction at your location and/or for groups varies. To explore working together, send a message to schedule a no-cost phone consultation.

Dancing Mindfulness 

Dancing Mindfulness is a practice to connect your body, mind, and spirit using the power of music, movement, and awareness. It’s a form of moving meditation where dance is the primary way for discovering mindful awareness. Classes are “lightly” facilitated, which means there are no choregraphed movements or dance steps to follow. You’re invited to come as you are and move as you wish which can be seated, standing, or reclined. Dancing Mindfulness is for everyone regardless of your age, body type, fitness level, or experience with dance. It’s a transformative practice that can take you to deep places of acceptance, healing, and recovery. To learn more about Dancing Mindfulness, check out this short video (1 minute) .

“When we were doing the mindfulness and movement I felt really relaxed and calm. I felt like all my problems were gone.”
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