Mindfulness is being aware and awake to the present moment and helps us check-in to see what needs our attention right now. Mindfulness is a coping strategy and life skill for growth, healing, and recovery that anyone can learn. There’s a strong connection between mindfulness and physical and emotional health.

Denina offers mindfulness workshops and series to teach individuals and groups easy, accessible tools for stress management and well-being.

M&M (Mindfulness and Movement)

M&M (Mindfulness and Movement) is a 5-part series delivered in-person that teaches easy ways to slow down and relax into the present moment to manage stress and strong emotions. Lessons include breathing and relaxation exercises and easy movements that can be done by anyone, regardless of age or physical ability. M&M has been well received by young people – 75% of 7th graders liked at least some of what they learned or everything they learned!

Get Mindful Series

The Get Mindful Series is a series of short mindfulness sessions for you and your team. Brief (30-minute), virtual sessions focus on different mindfulness topics and approaches to practicing and include a combination of lecture and guided meditation. The series can be offered virtually via webinar to allow your team to participate from remote locations or brought to your team onsite and customized to include M&M (Mindfulness & Movement), debriefing/sharing time after each session, etc.

What’s Your MPG (Mindfulness, Play & Gratitude)?

What’s Your MPG? explores how Mindfulness, Play, & Gratitude are skills for self-care that can be intentionally practiced. Research demonstrates the importance of these skills for holistic well-being and productivity. What’s Your MPG? includes opportunities to practice these skills and takeaway tips and resources. It can be offered in-person or virtually and is especially beneficial for those in the helping professions or caregiving roles to buffer secondary trauma and burnout.

Neuroscience is Cool: How Mindfulness Changes the Brain in Awesome Ways

The brain is a complex and cool organ because of neuroplasticity, or the ability for it to change based on experience and create new neural connections.  Neuroscience is Cool explores the science behind why stress hijacks the brain and how mindfulness is a tool that can change the brain’s response to stress and increase resilience, or the ability to recover quickly from stress. It can be offered in-person or virtually and includes opportunities to practice in-the-moment techniques to quiet the mind.

Mindfulness as a Tool for Recovery Support (MTRS)

Mindfulness as a Tool for Recovery Support (MTRS) is a virtual series of 6 mindfulness sessions to teach research-based coping skills to those dealing with addiction. It includes access to recordings from the series to practice later, mindfulness resources, and an optional private Facebook group for program participants to learn, share, and connect. The series is ideal for those in ANY stage of recovery, those working with people in recovery, or anyone interested in learning more about using mindfulness as a prevention and relapse recovery tool.

“When we were doing the mindfulness and movement I felt really relaxed and calm. I felt like all my problems were gone.”
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