Mindfulness Training & Facilitation

Mindfulness is a skill for improved individual and collective well-being that anyone can learn. There’s no need for special equipment, clothes, or the perfect setting. Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere, anytime to find your center and deal with the challenges life presents.

Sage Action Consulting offers mindfulness training and facilitation to help clients experience the richness of the present moment with in-the-moment, accessible tools for stress management and resilience.

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M&M (Mindfulness and Movement)

M&M (Mindfulness and Movement) teaches ways to slow down and relax into the present moment to deal with stress and strong emotions. Short lessons include breathing and relaxation exercises and easy movements that can be done by anyone, regardless of age or physical ability. M&M has been well received by young people – 75% of 7th graders liked at least some of what they learned or everything they learned!

Get Mindful Series

Get Mindful Series is a crash-course in mindfulness for you and your team. Brief (30-minute) sessions focus on different mindfulness topics and approaches to practicing and include a combination of lecture and guided meditation. The series can be offered virtually via webinar to allow your team to participate from remote locations or brought to your team onsite and customized to include M&M (Mindfulness & Movement), debriefing/sharing time after each session, etc.

Mindfulness, Music & Movement: Creative Pathways to Healing

Mindfulness, Music & Movement brings together present moment awareness with the power of music and movement to dance with unresolved issues and past traumas to access healing and recovery. Research shows the importance of releasing unhealed trauma that may be stuck in your body or mind. This workshop combines lecture with facilitated movement to release and renew the body, mind, and spirit. Guided movement is set to a playlist of music focused on a topic or theme. Participants are encouraged to go at their own pace and moving while seated in a chair is acceptable and encouraged.

Neuroscience is Cool: How Mindfulness Changes the Brain in Awesome Ways

The brain is a complex and cool organ because of neuroplasticity, or the ability for it to change based on experience and create new neural connections.  Neuroscience is Cool explores the science behind why stress hijacks the brain and how mindfulness is a tool that can change the brain’s response to stress and increase resilience, or the ability to recover quickly from stress. It includes opportunities to practice in-the-moment techniques to quiet the mind.

Customized Mindfulness Classes & Workshops

Sage Action Consulting offers customized classes and workshops to meet the specific needs of teams using diverse learning methods, such as movement/yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, etc. Sessions are offered onsite or via webinar for your convenience.

“When we were doing the mindfulness and movement I felt really relaxed and calm. I felt like all my problems were gone.”
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