Training is important for growth because it expands the skills and knowledge base of individuals and groups. Learning new skills is how we transform to the next best version of ourselves. Denina is a dynamic trainer who brings lightheartedness, warmth, and accessibility to her interactions with others. She offers virtual and in-person workshops on mindfulness, play, self-care, and trauma. Denina is also a trainer for Keystone Crisis Intervention Team (KCIT).

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What’s Your MPG (Mindfulness, Play & Gratitude)?

What’s Your MPG? explores how Mindfulness, Play, & Gratitude are skills for self-care that can be intentionally practiced. Research demonstrates the importance of these skills for holistic well-being and productivity. What’s Your MPG? includes opportunities to practice these skills and takeaway tips and resources. It can be offered in-person or virtually and is especially beneficial for those in the helping professions or caregiving roles to buffer secondary trauma and burnout.

Neuroscience is Cool: How Mindfulness Changes the Brain in Awesome Ways

The brain is a complex and cool organ because of neuroplasticity, or the ability for it to change based on experience and create new neural connections.  Neuroscience is Cool explores the science behind why stress hijacks the brain and how mindfulness is a tool that can change the brain’s response to stress and increase resilience, or the ability to recover quickly from stress. It can be offered in-person or virtually and includes opportunities to practice in-the-moment techniques to quiet the mind.

Play is Vital

Play is Vital is an interactive workshop to help participants discover the value of play as a skill for self-care and building resilience. The workshop offers participants a chance to engage with others to learn why play is important for adults and to explore their play personalities. It also provides tips for incorporating play into daily life and questions for further reflection.


One Size Does NOT Fit All: Self-Care in a Pandemic

Self-care has become a buzz word lately. There are a lot of self-care messages and promises of wellness, happiness, or peace of mind if you follow these steps or buy this product. Many miss the mark that self-care is as unique as the person. One Size Does NOT Fit All explores self-care as an individualized approach that considers the real-world demands on your time and energy. It includes lecture, experiential and reflective opportunities, and takeaway tips and resources to help you discover self-care that fits YOU – not the other way around.


Everything was great! In our field we really need to focus on our self-care, and this training really reminded me of that. You have great energy to be able to lead this training and make it effective. Thank you so much!

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