Community conversations are dialogue opportunities for individuals to discuss issues, brainstorm solutions, or simply share and grow together. These conversations can be designed for targeted or diverse groups and for large or small number of people. Denina has expertise working with in the areas of trauma recovery and healing, D&A addiction recovery, mental health recovery, and LGBTQIA+ lived and allied experience. The format and techniques used for community conversations respects the confidentiality of the storyteller and trauma-informed approaches to sharing space together.

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Allies in Liminal Space: Stories of Gender, Sexuality, & Identity is a current story-collecting project of Sage Action Consulting. The intention is to have conversations with those with lived LGBTQIA+ experience and their allies. To better understand lived experience, we need to listen to peoples’ stories – to hear life from their perspective and learn from their experiences navigating the good and bad of their own very personal journey. This collective understanding will make up a book, called Allies  in Liminal Space: Stories of Gender, Sexuality, and Identify. We can’t be sure how much of each conversation will be used in the book, and nothing would be used without the explicit permission of the person who shared the story. The hope is that this book and the stories it will contain will help anyone who wants to learn how to hold space and be an ally for those with lived LGBTQIA+ experience.

If you’re interested in learning more or sharing your story of lived LGBTQIA experience or being an ally, send an email to

Everything was great! In our field we really need to focus on our self-care, and this training really reminded me of that. You have great energy to be able to lead this training and make it effective. Thank you so much!

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